Canada 150 a Chance to Celebrate New Immigrants

On July 1, Canada will ring in its 150th anniversary. To usher in this momentous occasion, the Canadian government spent the better part of 2017 promoting Canada 150, a campaign designed to celebrate and promote the country’s past and present. But, Canada’s big birthday isn’t all fireworks and commemorative coins. The momentous anniversary – and […]

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Struggling to Find the Right Employee? Hire a Scrapper!

As an employment agency, one thing many of our new clients tell us is it’s hard to find – and keep – the kind of employees they need. Reading résumés, conducting interviews, testing out and hiring new staff comes with a whole slew of costs – time, money, productivity – and there’s nothing more frustrating […]

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Heat Stress Dangers!

Despite spring was pretty late this year, summer is on the way with its hot weather. Many of us cannot wait to participate in outdoor activities like camping, swimming and etc. However, with all the fun the hot weather bring to us there are a lot of dangers as well, especially for those working outside […]

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$15 Minimum Wage Increase – What will it mean for working in Ontario?

Last week, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced that Ontario would become the second Canadian province to raise the minimum wage from $11.40 to $15 per hour by 2019. According to Maclean’s magazine, Ontario is home to Canada’s largest labour market, but, “has more people working at low wages than any other big economic engine of […]

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Six Ways Employment Agencies are Essential When Returning to the Job Market

Are you unhappy at work? Is your current job failing to meet your financial needs? Maybe you’ve recently lost your job, or have been on an extended break. Whatever the reason, you’re facing the challenge of returning to the job market and searching for your next opportunity. Even in the best of circumstances, re-entering the […]

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How to Find a Good Temp Agency in Toronto. Part 2

They use the city. Understanding and working with the unique employment ecosystem of Toronto is integral to a temp agency’s ability to make successful connections. A good temp agency understands how the city influences the way people work and uses this knowledge to look beyond the usual qualifications to make great matches. Diversity: Toronto has […]

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How To Find a Good Temp Agency in Toronto

In Toronto, it often seems like there’s a temp agency on every corner. And to some extent, it’s true. Toronto is home to one of the country’s highest concentrations of agencies. According to the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services, the Canadian temp industry will reach revenue of $8.3 billion in 2015, and […]

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Metalworking Machine Operators

There are many different machine operator jobs. In this blog post we will be focusing on the classification of machine operators in metal industry, although machine operator jobs vary from glass production and mining industry, to plastic industry. Machine operator jobs require a unique skill set that combine the hands-on experience with knowledge in maintenance, […]

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Skilled Trades: 7 Ways to Upgrade Your Skills or Improve Your Skills on a Dime

Everyone knows that in order to land a good job you need to hone your skills constantly. Self-improvement is an essential prerequisite for getting ahead at work. Here, we put together the best resources you can use to upgrade your skills and have a steeper learning curve. Professional and Trade Associations. There are many associations you […]

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The Top 5 Ways an Employment Agency Can Help You Answer the Toughest Interview Questions

With its high stakes and high pressure, a job interview can feel like a competitive sport. Just like the best athletes, job hunters have to assess the other team, devise a strategy, practice and play a fierce, focused game. The competition is stiff and for some job hunters, being asked to win the NBA championship […]

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