Skilled Trades: 7 Ways to Upgrade Your Skills or Improve Your Skills on a Dime

Everyone knows that in order to land a good job you need to hone your skills constantly. Self-improvement is an essential prerequisite for getting ahead at work. Here, we put together the best resources you can use to upgrade your skills and have a steeper learning curve.

Upgrade Your Skills

  1. Professional and Trade Associations. There are many associations you can connect with. It can help you obtain new skills and gain new opportunities via networking and getting access to new job postings. Often, these associations have workshops for their members which you can attend for free.
  2. College Apprenticeships. Most colleges have apprenticeship programs. The reason why you could benefit from participating in one is that you learn and earn at the same time. Some of the examples of programs can be found here.
  3. Toronto Tool Library. They have great workshops! You can get a safety certification in woodworking, get together with people of the same mindset as yours and learn new skills. Check out their schedule and their membership services. Don’t forget about DIY Spots in Toronto. Hands-on fun and new experience guaranteed, and you will get a chance to develop essential skills working with hand tools and special machines. Many manual labour jobs, such as  Assembler, Handyman, Seamstress/Sewing Machine Operator, require practical knowledge. The workshops that can give you this knowledge include The Shop, Repair Cafe, The Workroom.
  4. YouTube. Of course, YouTube. This guy has videos about everything, from CNC Tutorial to building house with your own hands. It won’t give you a certificate but you can get new knowledge in the comfort of your home.
  5. Online courses and resources. Don’t forget about limitless online opportunities such as Online Carpentry Courses, Free Online Customer Service Classes, and Distance Learning Courses.
  6. Social clubs. The main goal of social clubs is to find people with similar interests and hobbies. Social interactions are important for quick learning and healthier communities. Here is the example how you can find different social clubs and even start one of your own.
  7. Safety Trainings. All workers in Ontario are required to complete mandatory safety training prior starting a job, in addition to other job specific trainings. Here, at Alpha North Group, we offer a wide range of on-line training programs for applicants absolutely FREE. After completing a course, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion, which you can use at any other workplaces. You can register at our website, or give us a call at 647-427-4923 for more help.

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