Heat Stress Dangers!

Despite spring was pretty late this year, summer is on the way with its hot weather. Many of us cannot wait to participate in outdoor activities like camping, swimming and etc. However, with all the fun the hot weather bring to us there are a lot of dangers as well, especially for those working outside or in the workplaces with hot environment.

Our body temperature naturally maintained between 36º and 38º C and sweating is the protection mechanism that cools our body temperature down. However, it may not be enough if you are working in hot environment. When your body heats up faster than it cools itself down you can experience heat stress, which may be very dangerous. Moreover, when heat stress is combined with other stresses, such as physical work, lack of fluids, fatigue or pre-existing medical conditions, it may lead to serious disorders, potential injuries or even death.

It is really important to recognize the signs of heat stress and follow the preventive techniques to avoid or minimize it.

Follow the link to find out about causes, symptoms and treatments for different heat stress conditions. It may save your life and help people around you.

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