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How To Find a Good Temp Agency in Toronto

In Toronto, it often seems like there’s a temp agency on every corner. And to some extent, it’s true. Toronto is home to one of the country’s highest concentrations of agencies. According to the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services, the Canadian temp industry will reach revenue of $8.3 billion in 2015, and is projected to grow by 6% in 2016, with much of its profitability coming from major city centres like Toronto. In such a massive, hardworking city where there is no shortage of candidates or employers, it’s only fitting that so many temp agencies would want to call Toronto home.

Toronto employment agencies

But, that doesn’t mean all agencies are made equal. While having options gives you a better chance of finding an agency that really meets your needs, it also means you’re more vulnerable to running into fly-by-night agencies that won’t give you the service or results you deserve. Working with a bad agency wastes your time and your money, but how do you know how to find a good one?

It’s all about asking the right questions and trusting your instincts. Here’s how to find a good temp agency in Toronto.

Their temps get hired.

In a city with endless choices, one question can help you identify a good temp agency in Toronto: “Do your temps get hired?” An agency with a track record of temps who get hired as permanent employees speaks volumes about the quality of their candidates, clients and match-making abilities.
In her book The Temp Factor: The Complete Guide to Temporary Employment for Staffing Services, Clients, and Temps, temporary employment expert Cathy A. Reilly says, “Remember that often, temp positions are job auditions.” As a job searcher, working with an agency whose temps get hired gives you an automatic career advantage. You’ll be connected to employers who value their temps and see them as potential team members. You’ll also have the confidence of knowing your employment is in the hands of experts who know how to make successful placements.
As an employer, you’ll be working with an agency that’s proved it has what it takes to match businesses with the kind of employees they didn’t know they couldn’t live without. These agencies have expert recruiters with the chops to understand exactly what your business needs, and a pool of candidates with the chops to become great employees.

They make a good first impression.

The best temp agencies will show you that you matter from the minute you walk through the door or connect to their website. When you’re checking out an agency, pay attention to the little things: Is it easy to figure out know where they are, when they work, and how to contact them? When you call, do you feel like an old friend, or a quota? Do they greet you with a smile? What about signing up? Does it take a few quick clicks or a whole afternoon and a Master’s degree in computer science? With so many temp agencies in Toronto to choose from, it’s not worth taking your business to an agency that doesn’t seem to want it. If the agency is unpleasant, unresponsive or difficult to deal with from the beginning, you may want to reconsider trusting them with your future.

They have the tools you need to get working.

Toronto temp agency A good temp agency in Toronto will know what employers are expecting from today’s employees and what job hunters can do to meet these expectations. Good temp agencies don’t just make career connections; they are one-stop career resources for employers and employees alike. The top agencies provide services like skills training and interview prep, and offer guidance, advice and information to make the employment process easier. Some agencies will even offer specific job training on behalf of their clients – this is a real time and money-saver for an employer and demonstrates an agency’s confidence in their own team.

They know your rights…

You want to work with an agency that ensures employees and employers are protected on the job. Good temp agencies know the training temps need and provide any government mandated training themselves – as a general rule, avoid working with any agency that doesn’t. A good temp agency also knows about employer and employee rights, and can provide you with information if and when you need it. Some agencies even employ recruiters with legal or HR backgrounds – their familiarity with employment legislation can be a real asset.

And theirs.

Don’t be afraid to ask if an agency is playing by the rules before working with them. You’ll be asking the agency to take care of important tasks like hiring, payment, and distributing benefits. Make sure you’re placing your trust in a company that understands it responsibilities and regulations. A good agency will know the rules of their industry and will be upfront about telling you how they operate.

To be continued.

Metalworking Machine Operators

There are many different machine operator jobs. In this blog post we will be focusing on the classification of machine operators in metal industry, although machine operator jobs vary from glass production and mining industry, to plastic industry.

Machine operator jobs require a unique skill set that combine the hands-on experience with knowledge in maintenance, systems theory, and workplace health and safety. If you are interested in career of a machine operator in metal industry, let’s have a closer look at necessary skills this position requires and then we will provide the classification for this profession.

One of the crucial skills of many machine operator jobs is the ability to properly read measuring devices, such as rulers and micrometers, and blueprints. The measurements can be done in imperial or metric systems, so the candidate should be able to convert easily and have the understanding of both systems. This knowledge will also be required while calibrating the scale on the machines to maintain accurate control. This is something anyone can learn. The Metric-Imperial conversion charts will help you a lot. As for the blueprints, the worker has to be able to interpret and follow them. More about reading the blueprints you can find here.

Ensuring all equipment and workplace is kept clean and tidy, following housekeeping procedures, and complying with quality standards as per product specification are other very important requirements. That being said, to be successful as a machine operator, the worker needs to possess such qualities as attention to details, ability to multi-task, and dependability.

One of the most important jobs among all machine operator jobs is a machine set-up operator. This person is responsible for coming in earlier before the shift, setting up all the machines, and changing the tooling for smooth production run.

Different duties can be assigned to the metalworking machine operators. Some or all of the following can be required:

  • Read specifications and follow instructions
  • Lay out, set up and operate one or more light or heavy metalworking machines such as punch presses, hand tools to cut, bend, roll, ream, punch and drill, weld or otherwise shape and form metal stock into parts or products
  • Operate machines or equipment which weld, solder, bolt, screw or rivet metal parts together
  • Make quality checks for the products for correct shapes, dimensions and other specifications
  • Troubleshoot and perform corrective action or minor repairs
  • Document work completed
  • Clean or lubricate equipment and replace parts as required.

Example Titles

Metalworking machine operator
Power brake operator
Power press operator
Punch press setter
Punch press operator
Bending press operator


Infographic Machine Operators