Canada 150 a Chance to Celebrate New Immigrants

On July 1, Canada will ring in its 150th anniversary. To usher in this momentous occasion, the Canadian government spent the better part of 2017 promoting Canada 150, a campaign designed to celebrate and promote the country’s past and present. But, Canada’s big birthday isn’t all fireworks and commemorative coins. The momentous anniversary – and the controversies surrounding Canada 150 – have also asked us to reflect on what it really means to be Canadian, what defines our country, our culture and our history.

But, Canada’s 150th is as much about praising the good as it is a chance to recognize and learn about the difficult parts of our national story. When we think about immigration in Canada, we often think about the good things – humanitarianism, open borders, tolerance and strong social services. While we focus on the good, though, we can overlook the ways we have treated immigrants in the past, the attitudes around immigration today, and the challenges newcomers still deal with. Many of those new immigrants proudly celebrating on July 1 are currently facing the difficulties of acclimatizing and establishing a new life. In our line of work, we see firsthand how getting settled – establishing a home, learning new languages and social conventions, accessing education and programs, and finding ways to support yourself and your family – isn’t easy, even in a welcoming country. That’s why on this Canada Day, we will be celebrating with and thinking about our new Canadian neighbours, keeping their experiences in mind, welcoming them, and remaining committed to offering services that make it easier to succeed in the Canadian job market.

We hope you have a safe and happy Canada Day!

If you or someone you know is new to Canada, we can help you start working now and make the transition easier. Just give us a call.

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