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Struggling to Find the Right Employee? Hire a Scrapper!

As an employment agency, one thing many of our new clients tell us is it’s hard to find – and keep – the kind of employees they need. Reading résumés, conducting interviews, testing out and hiring new staff comes with a whole slew of costs – time, money, productivity – and there’s nothing more frustrating than having to go through the whole process again when your new hire didn’t turn out to be the right fit. So, how do you make the hiring process more effective?

The first step is to change your perspective.

In a November 2015 Ted Talk, hiring expert and VP of Human Resources at UPS’s Information Division, Regina Hartley, offered companies some valuable advice about their outlook on hiring: Resist the temptation to always hire the candidate who “looks good on paper.”

Hartley broke down potential employees into two categories: Silver Spoons – who have prestigious educational backgrounds, impressive references and predictable, uncomplicated career achievements –and Scrappers – qualified employees whose résumés don’t make a great first impression. They might have gaps in their work history, done odd jobs, changed career paths, or have a more modest education, but also have the attitude and perspective that make them valuable, dependable employees. Hartley says employers often dismiss these less “impressive” candidates, and that’s a huge mistake.

Companies who prioritize diversity and inclusivity in their hiring – companies who hire Scrappers –outperform competitors who have a less-inclusive philosophy, Hartley says. The skills they bring may not look good on paper, and may have nothing to do with career experience, but they translate into productivity and commitment. These candidates know how to adapt, handle challenges, solve problems and grow with your company, while more conventional hires, Hartley says, may have a harder time doing what needs to be done. According to Hartley’s research, success in business begins with changing the narrative of traditional hiring – start considering the candidates you might otherwise dismiss, because they might be the most valuable to your workplace.

But, how can employers differentiate one of Hartley’s Scrappers from an employee who really isn’t cut out for the job? That’s where employment experts come in. A hiring agency has the experience and the resources to distinguish the best candidates, to dig deeper than what’s on paper, and to take all of the risk out of hiring. At Alpha North Group, we successfully connect businesses with a diverse range of job candidates every day. That means we know what it really takes – above and beyond a first impression! – to find the right match of employer and employee. Once we’ve found the right candidate, we prepare and can even temporarily hire them on your behalf. It gives your business the freedom to put your hires to the real world test and the freedom to try a different approach to hiring. Alpha North Group will never let you risk overlooking your next great hire. Call us today to see what a new perspective can do.

Resume Writing Tips.



Here at Alpha North Group we see hundreds of resumes a day. Over the years we have become extremely efficient at evaluating them. Here are some tips to make sure your resume doesn’t get overlooked.

1) No pictures, attaching a photo of yourself to your resume is unprofessional and sends the wrong message. Your appearance doesn’t  have anything to do with your qualifications.

2) Use a proper email, [email protected] makes you sound unprofessional, if this is your primary email create a new email account for resume purposes.

3) No irrelevant information. On average a recruiter or employer will spend only a few seconds skimming your resume before deciding if you are a good fit for a position. That being said you don’t want those seconds to be wasted on irrelevant information. For example, listing your hobbies can sometimes be an asset, if you are applying for a coaching position and list soccer as one of your hobbies then this can be an asset. However if you are applying to a position completely unrelated to your hobbies it is likely that your hobbies list will simply take up space and not benefit you in the long run.

4) No pronouns. Using words like I or me wont work to your benefit. Your resume should sound subjective as if it is unbiased.

5) Use keywords. Many companies, including Alpha North Group are utilizing digital databases. When a position becomes available recruiters check the database using keywords. For example if we are looking for an electrician with a +442A license, we will simply type in +442A and only look at the candidates who have listed this license on their resume.

For more info on how to utilize keywords check out  http://www.quintcareers.com/resume_keywords.html

6) Don’t lie. If you get caught lying on your resume it will prevent you from ever getting a job at that company, if a recruiter catches you in a lie then they will not risk sending your resume to employers as this will reflect badly on the agency. Regardless, it is easy to background check a candidate to see if they are telling the truth. Lying on your resume is an unnecessary and un-beneficial risk.

7) Keep it short. As we mentioned above, when someone is reading your resume they will most likely make up their mind in the first 5-10 seconds. So make sure that all the important information is visible. Instead of writing long paragraphs, write everything in point form. Highlight important words. Make sure that in those 5 seconds, the reader has read all of your essential information.

8) No fancy designs. Fancy fonts, colorful paper etc make you seem childish. An employer is likely to immediately throw your resume away since they are looking for someone serious and professional.

9)  Name and contact info are essential. After all the hard work that goes into writing a resume, we still come across many resumes that are missing an email or phone number or even the candidates name. This should go without saying, your name and contact must be on your resume. Preferably at the very top. Without this information even if an employer likes your resume, how are they suppose to call you in for an interview?

10) Proofread, proofread, proofread. Once you are done writing your resume you should let at least two other people proofread it for you. Spelling errors make it seem like you don’t care enough to check your work. If this is how your resume looks, how many mistakes will you overlook if you are hired for a job?


Can’t find anyone to proofread your resume?

No problem, we can help.

Send your resume to [email protected], write Resume Help in the subject line.

Good Luck with the job hunt!


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